Take the Sober October Challenge

by Michelle Saport  |   

Sober October Challenge: 31 days sober. Are you up for the challenge? For details and to sign up, contact bkupec@alaska.edu.The Sober October Challenge is a 31-day cleanse from alcohol. Perhaps you have a healthy relationship with alcohol or maybe it's complicated. Make the decision to sign up for this challenge to experience the benefits from an alcohol-free month. No matter the reason, whether doing it for yourself or supporting a friend, this challenge will teach you things about yourself and your body and to think critically about your relationship with alcohol. Those who already practice regular sobriety are encouraged to participate to continue to learn about the complex role alcohol plays in our personal lives as well as our society.

All participants will receive a journal and communication twice a week during the month of October with inspiration, tips and prompts for your reflections. Take the challenge and register today!

This challenge is open to everyone. Be sure to get your friends/significant others/family to sign up too!

Presented by the Alcohol, Drug and Wellness Education Program and the Employee Wellness Program. Contact Brittney Kupec at 786-1511 with any questions.

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