Good news on funding for state scholarships, grant and WWAMI

by Pat Pitney, UA Interim President  |   

Dear UA Community:

Today we received good news from Governor Dunleavy about his decision to immediately fund the state’s Alaska Performance Scholarship [APS], Alaska Education Grant [AEG] and the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho medical education [WWAMI] programs. This means our students who have earned these scholarships and grants can be assured of funding for their education this year.

You’ll recall that in July, I announced the university would honor funding for these state scholarships and grants, by delaying receipt of payment. My purpose for doing so was to ameliorate our students’ concerns about the outcome of the legislative special session. This action today assures stable year-long program funding. 

With this year’s scholarships and grant funding secured, we will now focus our attention on ensuring the source of funding for these programs, the Higher Education Investment Fund (HEIF), is restored so these programs are funded for the long-term.

On behalf of the thousands of students who are counting on these funds for their future education, we are thankful for this outcome.

Pat Pitney, Interim President
University of Alaska

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