UAA Online Bookstore-Spring 2023 Adoption Deadlines and Guidance

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Dear UAA Faculty,

Thank you for all you do to ensure students have the resources and materials they need for a successful semester. Research shows that having access on the first day of class to textbooks and other required course materials is an important factor in student success. To that end, it is time to consider your bookstore orders for spring 2023.

All faculty teaching a course will receive section-specific emails from Akademos, letting you know that you can now submit your adoptions for that section.

Q:           What if I don’t receive my email from Akademos or I receive an email for a course I am not teaching?

A:            Check with your dean or community campus director’s office to see if your course assignment has been changed.

Q:           What if I submitted an adoption, and then my course assignment is changed?

A:            Notify your bookstore contact immediately if your assignment changes or you are assigned late to a course and adoption changes are necessary. If adoptions are placed and courses/sections are reassigned, the adopted material will remain in the designated course/section.

Q:           What if I am still teaching the same course, but the section is changed?

A:            You still need to submit your course materials adoptions, as these are specific to the section.

UAA Online Bookstore Course Materials Submission Portal Open:

  • Spring 2023: October 3 - October 28

Sometime during the portal opening period, log in to enter your course material information at using your existing UA credentials.

It is important that all faculty enter course material information, even just to indicate that the class will use open educational resources, inclusive access materials, or that there are no required materials for the class.

To comply with federal regulations requiring UAA to publish course-material costs for students, after the portal open dates, the portal will be set to read-only. Changes to course material adoptions after that may only be made due to unforeseen circumstances and with the approval of the dean.

Spring 2023 Faculty Resources

  • Faculty Contact Person at UAA

o   Anchorage: Isabel Mead,

o   PWSC: Jay Stevens,

o   Kodiak: Becky Stewart,

o   Mat-Su: Elizabeth Childs,

o   KPC: Jenya Quartly,

  • Faculty Contact Person at Akademos

o   Chloe Kolaz, UAA’s new Akademos Client Success Manager,

  • Inclusive access:  Any faculty using Inclusive Access (formerly Day 1 Digital) will select “This course uses Inclusive Access materials” under “Alternate Adoption Settings” and submit. This will mark the course as complete. Contact Chloe directly at to indicate the IA ISBN and Title you plan to use, as well as the section numbers you are teaching. The material will be uploaded by Akademos shortly after the Adoption Due Date.

*If you have never used Inclusive Access before and want to discuss your options, please contact Pam Mueller at

o   Faculty user guide

o   Guide to using Digital Courseware

o   Online training sessions

Thank you!
Office of Academic Affairs

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