Stalking is a common issue on college campuses

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Here are some statistics from the Stalking Prevention and Awareness and Resource Center (SPARC):

The most common stalking behaviors reported by college stalking victims include:

  • Unwanted voice or text messages (45%)
  • Unwanted emails or social media (44%)
  • Being approached or seeing the stalker show up at places when the victim did not want them to be there (37%)

Between 6% and 39% of college students report being stalked since entering college. Because stalking is so common, many people don’t recognize it. Practice being an “active bystander” and speaking up if a friend is experiencing stalking. Report stalking to the Office of Equity and Compliance at 907-786-0818 or As always, in an emergent situation, contact UPD at 907-786-1120 or call 911.

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