Campus Cash Receipts

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With campus activities returning to pre-pandemic levels, I would like to take this opportunity to inform all departments of the University of Alaska’s cash management policies, especially frequency of deposits.

Cash receipts include physical cash, checks, and credit card receipts. All funds received must be deposited in a timely manner with the campus business office.

  • Funds in excess of $200 of currency or $500 in checks must be deposited daily.
  • Funds must be stored in a locked container in a secure facility or under direct observation of a designated individual at all times.The adequacy of the storage facility and the level of observation should reasonably match the amounts of funds and risks presented.
  • Lesser amounts must be deposited weekly.
  • No funds should be held over one week in any circumstances.

All UAA departments are required to adhere to the above policy, including those departments with remote work agreements.

For full cash receipts policy information, review Cash Received Outside the Campus Business Office in the University of Alaska’s Accounting and Administrative Manual.

For departments not utilizing the contracted secure courier transport service, deposits must be placed in the Cashiering drop box, located in Eugene Short Hall outside suite 102. Please contact Cashiering at 907-786-1440 or for assistance with preparing deposits.

Brian deZeeuw
UAA Financial Services Director

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