Coming Oct. 10: Attracting Today’s Top Talent

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Want to learn how to write effective job postings that resonate with today’s top talent in just an hour’s time? Yes- it only takes an hour to learn these skills, with invaluable results!

Nationally, there is a shift in the way applicants are looking at job postings. In order to be competitive and attract highly qualified candidates to our university, UA is adjusting the way we write our job postings.

The UA HR Talent Acquisition and Development team (UA TA&D) invites you to spend an hour with nationally known job posting expert, Katrina Kibben of Three Ears Media, to learn techniques assisting in attracting talented job candidates on October 10th. Kat will share their expertise on how to quickly create inclusive and highly effective job postings and position titles. 

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to choose job titles that best market your position, increasing traffic to your posts,
  • Techniques for creating mandatory requirements that make the right people apply,
  • Tips for measuring the results of a great job post,
  • Resource materials empowering attendees to craft postings, 
  • And much more!

Event Details

Event date - Oct. 10, 2023
Start time - 9 a.m.
End time - 10 a.m.

Registration Details

Who should attend? Anyone interested in learning this new skill! Hiring Authorities/Supervisors and HR Coordinators are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Register by logging into your myUA account.

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