New 1-Credit Elective - WSGS 101 Why Pronouns Matter

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A smart degree plan at UAA is to get your GERs done and follow along with the progression of your major classes, but most students will also need to complete a considerable amount of electives in order to finish their degree. This course will fit into that need!  A 1-credit course also sometimes helps students get over minimum credit requirements, such as needing 9-credits to live in on-campus housing or being full-time at 12-credits to receive full financial aid opportunities.

In WSGS 101, "Why Pronouns Matter" the focus of the curriculum will be on exploring and deepening our understandings of why respectful language matters, which will indeed include discussions of pronoun use, but that is the mere surface level of where we endeavor to go. Through this focal point on identity exploration, we'll come to better understand our own positionality in the cycle of oppression, and come away with tangible ways we all can be more present in the cultivation of collective liberation. While this course is only 1-credit, it will be a substantial contribution to your personal and professional development. You'll gain knowledge and skills that employers need on their teams, but you'll also feel better at connecting with others and more grounded in your own truths.

Course Details

This 1-credit class only meets 1 time per week on Wednesdays from 2:30pm to 3:45pm, and it's open to ALL students!

We need at least 10 students to enroll before Dec 15th. We need you, this class needs you, and this movement needs you.

If you have any questions, please email the course instructors: Zoe Dohring ( and Dr. Sara Caldwell-Kan (

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