UAA Dating Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition for Change

What is DVSA? 

DVSA or Dating Violence Sexual Assault Coalition for Change is a group that consists of students, staff, faculty, and community partners to discuss and plan ways to fight and raise awareness of sexual assault and dating violence on our campus. This Coalition meets monthly and invites any and all who want to get involved.


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Mission: To coordinate efforts by groups on campus in providing education and training programs promoting awareness and prevention in interpersonal violence and sexual assault.

Vision: To cast a wide net on campus and get student populations involved in action to promote a safer environment for the campus community. 

Purpose: To share upcoming programs and initiatives, develop a calendar of events, and support one another in our efforts.  

  • Mi Cuerpo Es Mio

    "Violence against people based on their gender is not an interpersonal problem, but an attack on the concept of citizenship and democracy, as it impacts on the physical and mental integrity and the realization of certain individuals. Gender-based violence is a structural problem derived from gender inequality; we need to get to the root and change the structure (society), end inequality."

    -Rebeca Maseda Garcia, UAA Faculty

  • You are worth it. Be courageous
    "Struggling by yourself can be scary. You are not alone, and you are worth love." 
    -Quentin Simeon, UAA Staff 
  • Increase Empathy

    "I chose to participate in this campaign to show survivors that there is a support network for them at UAA and because I believe that people have more of an impact than they think. I hope my participation promotes awareness and inspires others to speak up about issues of violence." 

    -Atixhe Lena, UAA Student

  • 2019 Seawolves Speak Up Campaign, Travis Klover

    "Dating violence and sexual assaults are real problems affecting real people.  We can't be blind to the issue if we're going to fix it."

    -Travis Klover, UAA Student

  • 2019 Sea Wolves Speak Up, Steve

    "I Speak Up because I want to help create a culture where people who have experienced sexual assault, violence, discrimination, or anything similar feel comfortable and supported enough to share their experiences and seek justice for what happened."

    -Steve Hawkins, UAA Staff

  • 2019 Sea Wolves Speak Up Campaign, Barbara

    "Everyone deserves a chance to be heard and told that they matter. No matter the situation, every person deserves to be acknowledged even if it's just saying hi. This saying has a lot of meaning to me because it is a goal for me to live by and be an example of."

    -Barbara Sikvayugak, UAA Student

  • 2019 Sea Wolves Speak Up, Yemi

    “I chose to partake in seawolf speak up because I used to be ridiculed for not adhering the status quo in the way I traversed society, however the same differences I was ridiculed for is what makes me unique and more confident in pursuing my passions.“

    -Yemi Knight, UAA Student

  • 2019 Sea Wolves Speak Up, Rachel

    "This campaign is very important in that it touches everyone.  We each contribute to making UAA better."

    -Rachel Epstein, UAA Staff

  • 2019 Sea Wolves Speak Up, Janelle

    "Life can be cruel, which is all the more reason for everyone else not to be. It is up to us, the individuals, to unconditionally accept and support each other through our pain."

    -Janelle LaPlante, UAA Student

  • 2019 Sea Wolves Speak Up, Kyra

    “This is YOUR fight song. Take back YOUR life song.”

    -Kyra McKay, UAA Student

  • 2019 Sea Wolves Speak Up, Kojin

    “I chose to be a part of the Seawolves Speak Up campaign because while I have yet to be a victim of sexual violence, I have had friends and family who have. I need them to know I care. I need them to know that they're not alone. I need them to know that they have a community who believes in their success!”

    -Kojin Tranberg, UAA Staff

  • Resist Complacency

    "We have been tasked with creating a better future. A future where derogatory language and senseless violence are nonexistent. Culture change will always be challenging, but it is nonetheless necessary. The time to make a change is today, not tomorrow."

    -Alex Jorgensen, UAA Student

  • You can be the difference

    "We're often taught to "mind our own business," but when it comes to bullying or seeing someone who needs help or support, please don't heed that advice. Be aware. Care. Reach out and help each other. I want UAA to be a place where everyone can thrive and be their best. Everyone can and should contribute to this goal."

    -Cathy Sandeen, UAA Chancellor

  • Doesn't feel right? It's not.

    "In our imperfect world, we may not consciously realize if a situation we or others are in doesn't feel right. Sometimes we need to listen to our gut feelings. Sometimes we need others to tell us what we're doing isn't right. That's why I'm committing to overcoming fear to speak up and listen to others when they do the same."

    -Jacob Powell, UAA Student

  • Speak up vociferously and always

    "I chose to participate to identify myself as an advocate."

    -Dede Allen, UAA Staff

  • Consent is a conversation

    "The Seawolf Speak Up campaign is the very movement we need here on campus. With sexual assault and domestic violence on the rise across college campuses and in our community, consent is instrumental in keeping those who call UAA home physically, emotionally, and mentally safe and healthy. To me, 'Consent is a conversation' is the foundation of consent-- it's about communication, comfort, and respect. Consent is incredibly important to me and I hope that we can create a culture of respect here at UAA with not only this campaign, but a shift in campus values, attitudes, and culture. We need to foster a welcoming conversation about consent that everyone can contribute to and learn from."

     -Quacyya Cuaresma, UAA Student

  • stronger and safer together written on a UAA police Officer's arms

    "What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander." -Elie Wiesel

    -Photo of Sam Wilson

  • we will not stand by written on women's arms

    "The rate of sexual violence is too prominent in our state and breaking down by teaching students at UAA about prevention through bystander training is the best way I know how to be involved."

    -Amelia Smith, UAA Student

  • step in speak up written on man's arms

     "I chose this saying because of how important it is for us to be watching out for each other." 

    -TJ Miller, UAA Staff

  • stronger together written on woman's arms
  • don't suffer in silence written on woman's arms
  • everyone and every issue counts written on a person's arms
  • create a culture of respect written on a person's arms
  • I believe you written on a person's hand
  • join the revolution written on a person's arms

  • overcome written on person's chest

Seawolves Speak Up Campaign

This campaign is geared towards raising awareness and encouraging UAA students, faculty, and staff to step in and speak up when they see something wrong. This could be in situations where a friend, classmate, colleague, or student is struggling with their mental health, sexual violence, bullying, harassment, and any other circumstance where our University community may be experiencing a problem. All Seawolves should feel a sense of community at UAA and know that we look out for each other on this campus as active bystanders!

Be the difference. Seawolves Speak Up!

Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Dating Violence

Sexual assault, harassment, and dating violence are problems that can happen to anyone, regardless of educational level, race, or gender. Reach out for help from any of the resources below for anyone who may have experience these problems.


Student Health and Counseling Center

The Student Health and Counseling Center's professional mental health counselors are dedicated to helping UAA students. To schedule an appointment call 907-786-4040.

UAA Psychological Service's clinicians are graduate, master, and doctoral students who are supervised by licensed psychologists.

For confidential counseling services call 907-786-1795.




Abused Women's Aid in Crisis

A critical service AWAIC provides to the community is a 24-hour crisis and support line at 907-272-0100. The crisis line is available for people who would like to talk about their situation and for family and friends hoping to find a more effective way to support their loved ones.

AWAIC maintains a shelter where victims of domestic violence and their children may seek help any time they are in danger. Domestic violence victims may stay up to one month while they make decisions about what they will do next.

Standing Together Against Rape

STAR Advocates respond 24/7 to reports of sexual assault in addition to providing other supportive measures. Working with an Advocate can help give you space to know your options and understand your rights.

STAR provides a 27/7 crisis hotline at 907-276-7273 or 800-478-8999 where the following are examples of things you can discuss:

  • Crisis intervention and support
  • Answers to your questions about recovering from sexual assault
  • Information about medical issues
  • Explanations of the criminal justice system, and what to expect when you report the crime
  • Referrals to resources in your area
  • Information for family and friends of victims
Chugach mountains with fireweed blooming.


UPD Logo

Silent Witness

The University of Alaska Anchorage Police Department consists of a group of professionals working together to provide a safe environment for the UAA community through the confident application of education, rule enforcement and creative thinking. File an anonymous report through silent witness on the UAA Police website.

Seawolve's speak up on campus logoReport Now

The UAA Office of Equity and Compliance affirms its commitment to a safe and healthy educational and work environment in which educational programs, employment, and activities are free of discrimination and harassment. Staff administers and ensures compliance with the University policies, procedures and programs on equal opportunity, discrimination, affirmative action, discriminatory harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking and retaliation.

UAA Office of Equity and Compliance/Title IX Website

Make a Report


Get Involved

There are many ways to help change the culture and get involved in the movement. 

  • Become a Peer Health Educator and work with the Student Health and Counseling Center educating the campus on how to be active bystanders. 
  • Attend and participate in events or training opportunities provided on the calendar. 
  • Join the UAA Dating Violence Sexual Assault Coalition for Change.
  • Be an active bystander! Step in and speak up in situations that are not right. Be the difference.  

Prevention on Campus

Our campus offers several training opportunities around domestic violence sexual assault topics that can be delivered to student clubs, within UAA courses, or to staff and faculty departments, all upon request. Read about these wonderful trainings and request one today. 

The UAA Student Health and Counseling Center offers Bringing in the Bystander, bystander intervention training, where individuals learn how to be active bystanders.

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Care Team

For other general concerns including student behavior that is distressful, disruptive, or concerning please refer to the Care Team.


  • Women's Self Defense 

    These training opportunities aim to increase self confidence and teach basic self defense strategies for when necessary. These are all great strategies, however, not every situation can be prevented. If you or someone you know is assaulted, know that it is not your fault. Please check out the resource and reporting options above for help and support. 

    Legacy Jiu Jitsu

    Women's Self Defense Class
    Every Saturday at 11am

    401 West International Airport Road Anchorage, AK

    University Police R.A.D. Training

    R.A.D. is a self-defense course designed specifically for women to teach them how to defend themselves. This is not a martial arts program, but rather a presentation of realistic tactics and techniques to increase awareness, intervention, risk reduction, and risk avoidance while providing some basic hands-on defense training. This is a 12 hour class broken up into shorter sessions. Attendees should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely. This class is FREE to ALL UAA housing students, $15 to UAA students not residing in housing, and only $35 for the public. Once a student has completed R.A.D. their signed manual becomes a ticket for free lifetime return and practice with any R.A.D. instructor in the US and Canada. 



Contact Us

For questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out. 

Student Health and Counseling Center
Office of Equity and Compliance