Advanced Instrumentation For Microbiome Studies (Aims) Core Lab Facility

The AIMS lab provides advanced instrumentation and expertise to fully characterize microbes both as isolates and/or communities. AIMS is the only lab providing microbiome services in the Network of IDeA-Funded Core Laboratories (NiCL) that includes organismal analysis to characterize new isolates. AIMS provides a complete pipeline for characterization of microbial communities and isolates, combining multiple modules such as sequencing and bioinformatics, that researchers can plug into at any point along the pipeline or access the full pipeline. These services allow for the generation of directed hypotheses that will advance microbiome research and the characterization of microbial communities and isolates. 

The AIMS lab was established and currently maintained through support from the NIH-COBRE funded Center for Transformative Research in Metabolism (Center-TRiM) and the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). 

Contact the AIMS core personnel for information and pricing of services at

Key Personnel

  • Dr. Brandon Briggs, AIMS Lab Director
  • Eric Henderson, AIMS Lab Manager
Microbiome Pipeline