Daniel Salmon, Ph.D.

Term Instructor
Department of Physics & Astronomy
NSB 205
(907) 786-0507


Ph.D. Physics, College of William & Mary, 2018
M.S. Physics, College of William & Mary, 2014 
B.S. Physics, North Carolina State University, 2012

Teaching Responsibilities

PHYS A124 Basic Physics II
PHYS A123L Basic Physics I Lab
PHYS A124L Basic Physics II Lab
ASTR A104L Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology Lab
PHYS A211R Gen Physics I Problem Solving

Research Interests

Nonlinear dynamics applied to theoretical atomic systems, particularly those that exhibit monodromy or related properties.


“Experimental Observation of Classical Dynamical Monodromy” D. Salmon, M.P. Nerem, S. Aubin, J.B. Delos (Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 134301), 2018.