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Advising and the Advising Center

  • Who is my advisor?
    • If you are an incoming freshman, transfer student, returning student, or are changing your major to engineering, your first point of contact is the CoEng Advising Center. That's where you can arrange to meet with a professional academic advisor to discuss your degree program.
    • If you are an established student in an engineering degree, depending on where you are in your program, you will likely meet with your faculty advisor
    • Graduate students can connect with an alumn for mentoring.
  • What are the differences between an Academic Advisor and a Faculty Advisor?
    • Our Academic Advisors are not assigned to specific students. They are all able to meet with you to provide assistance in figuring out degree requirements and answer questions about academic planning. Academic advisors are not intended to replace your faculty advisor; they work closely with faculty and program chairs to enhance the advising process.
    • Our Faculty Advisors have taught, researched and published in their respective academic disciplines, and are knowledgeable about specific courses in their divisions, and in the educational and career opportunities in their area of expertise. Faculty advisors will meet with you to discuss requirements for your major and to select appropriate courses. They can also be an excellent resource for internships and networking, and help you evaluate how well your skills and abilities fit with the field and your goals.
  • When do I see my Faculty Advisor?



    CE  PHYS A211: General Physics 1 
    CSCE CSCE A201 & Lab: Computer Programming 1
    EE EE A203: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 
    GEO currently taking or have completed GIS A101 or GEO A156
    ME ES A209: Statics
  • Do I need to make an appointment with the College of Engineering Advising Center, or can I just walk in?
    • It is best to make an appointment.  We try to accept walk-ins but, depending on the time of year, your wait time may be more than an hour.
    • The best way to make an appointment is to call the Advising Center's main number at 907-786-4129 or email: sac@alaska.edu
  • What is mandatory advising?
    • As a part of the mandatory advising plan for the College of Engineering, all undergraduate students must meet with their faculty advisor at least once each academic year to review their academic progress and future course plan.
    • It is also particularly important for students to meet with their faculty advisor whenever academic difficulties arise. Your advisor is committed to supporting your success, so do not hesitate to reach out to them if you are struggling.
  • Do I keep the same faculty advisor until graduation?
    • It is certainly ideal to work with the same faculty advisor throughout your university career, as it helps you establish a mentoring relationship that can be useful as you plan for internships, jobs or graduate school.  If your assigned faculty advisor changes due to departmental reorganization, but your previous faculty advisor has been helpful, if they agree, you may continue to work with him/her.
    • Since your faculty advisor is also an excellent resource for information about your field of study, it is in your interest to maintain a strong relationship and meet with them at other times during the semester.

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