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Enter to win the Consortium Library Prize and $500


The '80s Fun Run 5K - April 18, 2015


April 10–26, 2015: 'William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead: A True and Accurate Account of the 1599 Zombie Plague'


Film and panel discussion: 'A Right Denied,' March 25


'A Night Down South: Under the Midnight Sun Barn Dance,' March 27


UAA faculty Douglass Bourne's screenplay wins honor at 2015 Mountain Film Festival


BSU president: 'I try to broadcast the black perspective'

Andrew Freed

Andrew Freed II uses films, radio and discussion forums to help people learn about each other and educate them about 'the black perspective' on issues he finds important. He recently won a 2015 Spring Student Diversity Award for his efforts to grow diversity on campus.

LARP-a-palooza: The battle for middle campus


Midterms had been vanquished and spring break had arrived upon the land. To commemorate their victory over the first half of the semester, a legion of scholars gathered in the Student Union to hit each other with foam swords in the inaugural LARP-a-palooza.

Research: The trouble with Splenda

Splenda Research

Two scientists, a microbiologist and a psychology professor, are collaborating on research to understand how Splenda leads to overeating and weight gain.

Six picks for your UAA power lunch

Spirit During Lunch

Have some extra time between classes and meetings? Spirit’s here to share six ways to maximize your lunch break on campus. Whether you fancy ice skating, power lifting, art, music or jumping off the high dive, there's an amazing amount of ways to spend a day at UAA.

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