Warning: Be aware of phone phishing/fake technical support

by Michelle Saport  |   

Be advised: Do not accept unsolicited calls offering technical support.

UAA IT Services has received reports of recent phone phishing attempts from fake companies portraying themselves to be "technical support" or from a "call center."

These fraudulent calls utilize a technique known as Caller ID masking to make calls appear as if they are originating from within Alaska by using the 907 area code. These are often automated unsolicited calls attempting to obtain information such as passwords, financial records or remote access.

Examples of the phone phishing phone numbers have appeared as (907) 555-5555 or (907) 812-3456, but could be other numbers crafted to appear more legitimate. The callers identified themselves as 'Tech Gurus" but could use other names.

Please note: UAA's IT Services Service Center will appear on your phone as either 'ITS Call Center' or '(907) 786-4646'.

Reminder: Never give any financial information, passwords or remote access to an unknown party or unsolicited caller.

As always, IT security requires constant diligence from everyone.

If you are unsure of the validity of a caller or have other questions, please contact the IT Services Service Center.

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