Transportation Engineering

UAA has an active research program in the areas of traffic, safety and highway engineering. The mission of research at UAA-CoEng in transportation engineering is to serve the local community and develop partnerships with agencies working in this field. Our research in the field of traffic and highway engineering addresses: a) highway safety, b) traffic operations, c) advances in pavement materials, d) cold region issues in transportation engineering, and e) transportation engineering education. The following is a summary of some of the research areas in the field of transportation engineering at the CoEng:

  • Evaluation of Pedestrian Walking Speed at Crosswalks in Cold Regions
  • Developing a Transportation Plan for Evacuation of Buildup Areas in Case of Earthquakes
  • Calibration of Highway Safety Manual (HSM) for Cold Regions
  • Simulation of Bus Transit Signal Priority Scheme
  • Frequency and Potential Severity of Red Light Running in Anchorage
  • Effects of Portable Changeable Message Signs on Driver Behavior and Traffic Flow
  • Evaluation of Hotspot Identification Methods
  • Application of Spatial-Temporal Statistics in Traffic Safety
  • Work Zone Operations: Capacity and Speed Limit
  • Modeling and Simulation of Driver Behavior
  • Utilization of Waste Tires in the Production of Non-Structural Portland Cement Concrete
  • Round Robin Strength Testing for Anchorage Alaska
  • Flexural Strength Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Rubberized Concrete
  • Analysis of Freezing Conditions for Permeable Pavements
  • Application of Threshold Concepts in Transportation Engineering Education

Contact Professors Osama A. Abaza, Hannele Zubeck, and Ghulam H. Bham for more details.



Graduate Research Assistantships in Transportation Engineering

M.S. in Civil Engineering
Graduate applications for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 are currently being accepted; please contact Prof. Ghulam Bham ( for specific questions.