More than 400 items donated through 'Foundations for Success' charity drive

by Michelle Saport  |   

A big thank you is in order for everyone who participated in the APT/Classified Council charity drive "Foundations for Success," which took place Nov. 18-Dec. 20, 2013. Donations went to benefit Covenant House, the state's largest homeless youth shelter. Due to the generous spirit of everyone involved, the drive was able to collect 447 different items, comprised of:

  • 403 articles of clothing, including 192 pairs of socks (one pair equals one article) and quite a few homemade scarves and hats;
  • 12 magazines;
  • 14 food items; and
  • 18 personal hygiene items.

Big thanks also go out to all of the amazing volunteers who created and monitored their donation boxes. An extra-big thanks is in order to Tamah Haynes for guidance and delivery of goods, to Louise Kempker for contact and coordination with Covenant House, to Susan Moran for the fantastic flyers, to Harley Hedlund for Council communications and to Emily Woodhead for coordinating donations at the Administrative Services Division holiday celebration.

If you have donations for Covenant House in the future, contact Greg Kramer at (907) 339-4401 or

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