Summer 2014: Alaska oil and gas occupations training

by Michelle Saport  |   

Four two-day sessions: May 21-22, May 28-29, June 4-5 and June 10-11 Location: UAA Department of Project Management office (University Center, Room 155)

The oil and gas industry presents numerous challenges, many of which are more risky and difficult in the Alaska environment. In order to tackle these challenges, the UAA Department of Project Management offers the "Professional Training for Oil and Gas Process Lifecycle Planning: Risk Reduction, Optimization and Safety" program. The training equips members of the oil and gas workforce with an appreciation for the overall oil and gas process lifecycle to minimize project risks, optimize ongoing operational effectiveness and maintain environmental safety. It also provides an environment for practicing leadership skills, applying knowledge and using tools within an interdisciplinary team environment.

Structure The training program is divided into four two-day modules, one module per week for four weeks. Students may choose to enroll in any one of the modules or take the complete program. Remote participation is also possible.

Target students This program is designed for entry-level professionals in the oil and gas industry to promote career advancement.

Registration Send a completed registration form to Please visit the UAA College of Engineering website for course registration forms. Contact Meuy Saechao at (907) 786-1924 if you have any questions.

Professional Development Units This program provides 14 PDUs (or PDHs) per module and 56 PDUs for the whole training program. A certificate of completion will be issued to each trainee.

Price The cost to attend is $500 per module or $1,500 for the whole package. A mid-session lunch will not be provided due to the restriction of the grant funds.

Instructors Instructors include UAA College of Engineering professors and industry professionals with extensive experience in the Alaska oil and gas industry.

Building entrance and parking Preferred parking location is in the University Center parking lot near he La-Z-Boy store. Please use UAA-designated spaces only. Temporary parking decals will be provided.

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