Are Alaskans less partisan? Weigh in for 2014 William A. Egan Day

by Michelle Saport  |   

20141008-egan-dayWilliam A. Egan, Alaska's first governor, roused Alaskans to get involved and fight for statehood. He presided over Alaska's Constitutional Convention where representatives from around Alaska gathered to create their own governing documents.

On Oct. 8, in honor of William A. Egan Day and Egan's love of politics and civic engagement, the UAA Ethics Center invites you to join them on Facebook for a discussion about Alaska's political climate.

We want to know: Are Alaskans less prone to partisan bickering? Are we better at rising above it all than our counter parts in the Lower 48?

A recent Gallup Poll suggests we may be. The poll indicates that 59 percent of Alaskans now identify as political "independents" rather than as Republicans or Democrats. Alaskans tend to "lean right," but maybe our distance from the rest of the country gives us a better view of the common good. Or maybe Alaskans are just as partisan as everyone else.

What do you think? Weigh in and join our discussion on the UAA Egan Day Facebook page. Share your view of whether or not Alaskans are partisan in politics. The discussion will be open for comment until Oct. 31.

Do we have just as much partisan rancor as the rest? Or do Alaskans have a better sense of a shared goods and resources? We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Joe Henri, one of the Alaska's civic leaders and Governor Egan's commissioner of administration, will join friends and provide comments on the discussion.

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