Office of the Registrar renews green certification; launches new efforts to reduce waste

by Michelle Saport  |   

20141201-registrar-green-certifiedThe UAA Office of the Registrar was recognized recently for their paper and plastic reduction efforts while renewing their Green Department Certification.

The department began utilizing a shared trash can program by placing trashcans in convenient locations to eliminate the need for individual trashcans. This reduced their trashcans from 21 to 6, which in turn helps reduce the use of plastic trash bags and labor costs to collect trash. The department also stopped printing their Undergraduate Academic Board agenda and started viewing it on iPads and computers instead, which has saved 1,600 sheets of paper so far and will continue to save more with each meeting.

University Registrar Lora Volden also received The Living Tree Award and was presented a bonsai plant in recognition of her efforts to put the UAA Catalog online, which reduces paper usage and costs for printing.

The Office of the Registrar originally became Green Department Certified in 2012 and is just one of several departments at UAA that continues to make small eco-friendly changes by being certified. To find out how your department can become green certified, click here. Certification is reviewed every two years.

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