Measles case confirmed in Fairbanks; please review your vaccinations

by Michelle Saport  |   

State health officials recommend confirming, updating vaccinations for children and adults

On June 9, Alaska's first measles case in more than a decade was confirmed in Fairbanks. An adult with recent travel to central Asia developed a rash several days after arriving in Fairbanks on May 31. Laboratory testing for measles RNA virus was positive on June 9. Non-immune persons who were in close proximity to the infected person may be at risk of developing measles.

"There is potential for wider community exposure, putting non-immune persons at risk for infection," said Dr. Joe McLaughlin, chief, Alaska Section of Epidemiology. "It is important for Fairbanks residents to review their and their children's measles vaccination status and make sure they are up to date."

The infected person might have been infectious while in several locations in Fairbanks May 31 through June 7. Federal officials will be contacting persons who may have been exposed on airlines outside of Alaska. The patient was on a flight to Fairbanks that originated in Seattle and did not transit in Anchorage.

If faculty, staff or students have questions, they can contact their personal health provider or the UAA Student Health and Counseling Center to talk with a nurse practitioner.

Learn more at the State of Alaska Health & Social Services website.

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