Five new publications by professor Landry Signé on international and African affairs

by Michelle Saport  |   

UAA Political Science Professor Landry Signé has recently published an academic book and two The Washington Post op-eds, and co-published one peer-reviewed article and one peacekeeping country profile.

The Washington Post op-eds: In an article for The Washington Post published Oct. 28 and titled "Why Obama's military deployment against Boko Haram is too little, too late," Signé explains why -- although welcomed by African officials -- President Obama's controversial decision to deploy soldiers in Cameroon to help fighting against Boko Haram faces skepticism among civil society leaders and local analysts.

In an article for The Washington Post published Sept. 22 and titled "What went wrong in Burkina Faso and what's next?" Professor Signé explains the unconstitutional interruption of power in Burkina Faso with policy options to solve the crisis and create conditions for a sustainable democratic development.

Book: This year, the academic press Karthala published a 296-page monograph by Signé, titled "L'innovation en stratégies de développement en Afrique de 1960 à nos jours: Acteurs nationaux, régionaux et internationaux." In the book, Signé explains the evolution of African development strategies during the last five decades, focusing on French-speaking countries.

Research articles: In a peer-reviewed article published this month by the journal Democratization and titled "Horizontal Accountability and the Challenges for Democratic Consolidation in Africa: Evidence from Liberia," Signé and his co-author Koiffi Korha argue that strong mechanisms of horizontal accountability -- often overlooked as most scholars focus on vertical accountability -- are key for sustained democratic consolidation in Africa.

In a peacekeeping country profile published by the International Peace Institute, Signé and his research assistant, UAA political science student Matthieu Ostrander, explain the contribution of Cameroon to the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

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