Gunnar Knapp honored with Marine Research Award

by Michelle Saport  |   

Dr. Gunnar Knapp, fisheries economist and director of the UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research, has received the 2016 Marine Research Award from the Alaska Sealife Center in Seaward. This honor is given to a scientist, team of scientists or an institution that is acknowledged by peers to have made an original breakthrough contribution to any field of scientific knowledge about Alaska's oceans.

Knapp has been studying fisheries management, fisheries markets and the world seafood industry for more than 25 years, focusing particularly on the Alaska salmon industry. Knapp's willingness and ability to build close links with all sectors of the industry make him an inspiration to researchers in his field. He has written numerous articles and reports on salmon markets, trends in limited entry permit ownership, the effects of halibut and crab IFQs, the Chignik salmon co-op, implications of climate change and the economic impacts of Alaska fisheries. Knapp is closely engaged with the seafood industry and policy makers in Alaska. Currently, he is writing a book, The Economics of Fish, which is intended as an introduction to the insights provided by economics about fisheries, aquaculture and the seafood industry.

Knapp received the Marine Research Award at the 2016 Alaska Marine Science Symposium, held at the end of January. Please join us in congratulating him on this honor.

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