Evacuation drills scheduled for September 2016

by Michelle Saport  |   

It is once again time to put together the schedule for the annual evacuation drills of our academic and office buildings for the Anchorage campus. The intent is to activate the alarm horns, strobes and bells to test the building's hardware, assess occupants' ability to evacuate quickly using the nearest exit and assist occupants in going to the facility's Emergency Assembly Area (EAA). These drills help UAA comply with federal requirements for exercising our emergency plans. The Emergency Management office will have Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities and volunteer staff assisting.

This year's drills will take place the week of Sept. 12-16. Please advise Emergency Manager Ron Swartz at rcswartz@alaska.edu as soon as possible of any dates and times when a drill would be unreasonably disruptive. Our intent is to make each exercise as short as possible; duration is often dependent on how long it takes the last occupant to evacuate. As in the past, educational fliers will be distributed to evacuees in their EAAs.

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