Adam Paulick appointed interim CIO for UAA

by Michelle Saport  |   

By now you have heard that I was appointed interim vice chancellor for UAA. The official appointment is effective Oct. 16 through the end of the fiscal year. One reason for the interim appointment is the desire for some measure of continuity and immediate help in a time for great change. Similarly, I am announcing the appointment of Adam Paulick as the interim CIO for UAA, commencing Oct. 16, through the end of the current fiscal year.

In addition to more than two years leading a transformation of the Infrastructure Services section here at UAA IT Services, Adam brings more than 10 years of experience as an IT consultant in the private sector and many years IT leadership and operations in the public sector, including the top spot for the State of Alaska Telecommunications System. Adam holds certificates in project management and information systems security, and was interim State of Alaska CIO. Adam was awarded a degree in accounting by The Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business, and has experience in budgeting and legislative reporting.

This appointment also allows Director Diane Byrne to continue her focus on the transformation of the customer service section of IT Services. You are all aware of the extensive changes underway in the areas of desktop support, managed print services, computer labs, audio visual services and more. In light of the President's Strategic Pathways recommendations, we are fortunate to have Diane's extensive experience available to help us through what can only be described as a re-invention of the way UAA provides these core services.

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