Free customer service training for UAA departments

by Michelle Saport  |   

Become a hero of customer service by learning (or remembering) simple ways to have a big impact on students, staff, faculty and community members. Most of us, whether we think about it or not, have customer interactions every day, and in a time of budget concerns and economic stress, there are simple things you can do to have a more customer-focused office and to increase student and client retention. Whether you work in academic departments, accounting, front-line operations, maintenance or anything in between, this free training has something in it for you. Led by UAA staff members Megan Bladow and Samantha Uehlin, this fun and dynamic training lasts for about an hour, including time for questions. Training dates and times are flexible and available starting in November. To schedule this free training for your division or department (or if you have any questions), please contact Megan Bladow at Schedule your training today!

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