December 2016: Classic one-act operas get a modern Alaska update

by Michelle Saport  |   

UAA Opera presents Savitri and Dr. Miracle 20161218-savitri-dr-miracle-posterFour showings, Dec. 16-18: -Friday and Saturday, 7:30 p.m. -Saturday and Sunday, 4 p.m. -Fine Arts Building, Room 150 Tickets on sale now at

Two classic one-act operas-Savitri and Dr. Miracle-will be getting an Alaska makeover this weekend. Under the direction of Mari Hahn, UAA voice majors and community singers will don modern clothing, speak in slang, dance to hip-hop and pay tribute to Alaska socialite Margie Johnson.

In a story-within-a-story, Savitri portrays the virtues of a wife's devoted love for her husband. When Death comes to take her husband away, her strength of character impresses him so much that he grants her the wish of a full and complete life. When she reveals that a complete life is not possible without her husband, Death agrees to bring him back to life.

The young lovers in Dr. Miracle are inspired by Savitri and romanticize its ideals. When the mayor's daughter, Sela, falls for an aspiring singer-songwriter from the wrong side of the tracks, they formulate an elaborate scheme to win his blessing. The mayor's wife, Corva, is modeled after Margy Johnson, who embodies the qualities of a capable and compassionate politician, and also champions Sela's romantic choice. Intrigue and mayhem ensue until finally the lovers win the mayor's blessing.

As the second collaboration between UAA and the Anchorage Opera, the production hopes to tour to school and communities in the spring. Libretto adaptations, music and stage direction by Mari Hahn. Accompanied by Janet Stiles. Set design by Carrie Yanagawa. Light design by Cedar Cussins. Costume coordinator Lailani Cook.

For tickets, please visit or call the Fine Arts Box Office at (907) 786-4TIX (4849).

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