Jan. 27–29, 2017: UAA dance senior O'Loughlin makes directorial debut with 'Middle Ground'

by Michelle Saport  |   

20160113-middle-ground'Middle Ground' Jan. 27-29 Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m. | Sunday, 6 p.m. UAA Harper Studio

UAA Dance senior Katie O'Loughlin will be making her highly anticipated directorial debut with Middle Ground in late January. Exploring the connection between technology and choreography, O'Loughlin's production seeks to visually interpret the concept of "middle" through movement, bodies, sound, space, lights and projections.

A veteran of the UAA Dance program, O'Loughlin has choreographed for three productions, danced in five and assisted with technical design in an additional eight.

"Through the help of UAA professors Brian Jeffery and Dan Anteau, I have the amazing opportunity to get my hands on every part of a production," explained O'Loughlin. "My ultimate goal is to combine my dance knowledge with my technical theatre and dance knowledge. I don't want to be a dancer who slaps light onto choreography, I want to be the dancer who can choreograph the lights to my dance."

The production also features an ensemble cast of 12 UAA Dance alumni and current students.

Tickets are currently available for purchase at ArtsUAA.com. Seating is limited.

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