Reminder: UA Wellness Program deadline is April 30, 2017

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The UA Wellness Program deadline is April 30, 2017; use this weekend to get your Healthyroads account up-to-date! Any employee, spouse/FIP currently on the UA Choice Plan is eligible to participate and earn the $600 wellness rebate. Each individual will have their own Healthyroads account to complete and track activities. To log in, simply use the links provided at the top of the UA benefits/wellness page. All incentive information is available under the Incentives tab and then Plan Summary. Make sure both progress bars are at 100 percent-that means you are done!

Still not at 100 percent? Use the information below to ensure you get everything completed.

1. Complete a personal health assessment (PHA)

  • Once logged in to your Healthyroads account, go to the Incentives tab and then Plan Summary. Click on the PHA from the top of the list to complete.

2. Get a biometric screening

  • Be sure to read the form closely before returning to Healthyroads. All required sections must be completed in order for the form to be accepted.
  • Please allow 10-15 business days for these to be loaded into your Healthyroads account. If this occurs after April 30, that is okay! The results just need to be within the dates of 5/1/16-4/30/17 and the form received by 5/15/17.
  • If you are located in Fairbanks or Anchorage you have the option to get these completed at the local Quest Patient Service Center:
    • Instructions on how to make your appointment are provided on the UA benefits/wellness page, under Biometrics Screening Information.
    • If you have any issues with the online scheduler, please call Quest directly at (855) 623-9355 for assistance.
    • Please allow 10 business days for these to be loaded into your Healthyroads account (Quest will submit for you). As long as your appointment itself was on or prior to 4/30, it is fine if they post to your account after the deadline.

    3. Earn five points

    • Physical activity
      • Information on how to upload and track activity is available HERE.
      • There is 1 incentive point per month available, with 4 points max able to be earned through this option. Some devices will pull-over historical data from previous months, but if the device/app that you use does not, then at least 1 incentive point is still available through this option for the month of April.
    • Tobacco attestation
      • One point possible
      • Click on the 'tobacco attestation' from your 'Plan Summary' page to complete
    • Online courses
      • Eight courses and their corresponding quizzes will give you 1 point.
      • Up to 4 points may be earned through these (32 classes total).
      • Incentive points will update in sets of 8 completions.
    • On-site education classes
      • Each on-site education session is worth 1 incentive point. A code is given out with each presentation that you then enter into your account to earn the respective point. Recordings for all education presentations presented this year can be viewed HERE.
    • Routine wellness opportunities
      • Annual wellness visit (1 point possible)
      • Adult immunization attestation (1 point possible)
        • Input yourself. Click directly on this option to complete.
      • Annual dental exam (1 point possible)
      • Annual vision exam (1 point possible)
      • Please note that we have data feeds set-up to capture all of the routine exams with Premera and VSP (with the exception of the adult immunization). Standard posting times of 30-60 days will still apply-as long as you have had these exams within the dates of 5/1/16-4/30/17, we have time built-in after the deadline to capture them. If you have any questions on when they should post or about exams that have not yet posted, please contact Sara.

      Have additional questions? Contact UA's on-site Healthyroads program manager, Sara Rodewald, at (907) 450-8203 or

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