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Dr. Hattie Harvey named 2018 faculty recipient of the Selkregg Community Engagement & Service Learning Award

by Michelle Saport  |   

The Selkregg Community Engagement & Learning Award encourages, rewards and inspires UAA faculty to creatively engage their students in learning and research that benefits the students and the community at large. Dr. Hattie Harvey, assistant professor, Early Childhood Education, was selected as this year's award recipient for her project "Bridging Efforts in Early Childhood Yup'ik Immersion Programming."

Partnering with Cook Inlet Native Head Start and Cook Inlet Tribal Council's Early Head Start program, Dr. Harvey's project recognizes the imperative to strengthen the quality and accessibility of early childhood programs in our state of Alaska. This collaboration continues foundational work by Dr. Harvey on early childhood development. It is designed to foster the exchange of information between teachers and families and to provide families with opportunities to engage with culturally relevant Yup'ik activities and materials.

Curriculum materials will be organized into "Whole Child Yup'ik Curriculum Kits" and provided to teachers and a community site. Through this project, there will also be opportunities for Yup'ik literate learners in the College of Education to participate in the family engagement activities and the development of Yup'ik learning materials. The project is intended to serve as a foundation for the development of a larger network, Early Childhood Native Network for Immersion Programming, to address a state-wide need to connect resources for early childhood immersion programming.

For more information about the Selkregg Award, please visit the Center for Community Engagement & Learning (CCEL) website.

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