July 2018: What's new with Statewide Human Resources?

by Michelle Saport  |   

Statewide Human Resources is striving to make improvements to the HR System, benefits and procedures to better help employees. For an update on system-wide projects currently in process, view the latest communication from Statewide HR (PDF, 173 KB).

Projects and topics covered in the document include:

  • Maintenance Issues
  • Learning Management System
  • Wellness Program Rebate Payout Changing
  • Fiscal Year-End Processing (April through July)
  • Annual Leave Cap
  • Changes to Parking Deductions
  • Leadership Positions
  • Required Projects and Tasks
  • Banner 9 Upgrade
  • Removal of Transition Steps from Temporary Salary Schedule
  • Faculty and Staff Compensation Equity Study
  • RFPs for Healthcare, Pharmacy, Vision and Wellness
  • Local 6070 Collective Bargaining Negotiation
  • Process Improvement Projects and Tasks
  • Accelerated Collection and Processing of New Hire Paperwork
  • Standardization of FML processing
  • Leadership Development

Statewide HR is working on the details of these projects and communication will be sent to those directly impacted prior to the effective date of the change. To see previous versions of this communication, please go to the Statewide Human Resources web page.

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