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Sept. 17-18, 2018: Student Affairs hosts professional development series, 'Creating a Culture of Access & Inclusion'

by Michelle Saport  |   

Student Affairs invites you to participate in the upcoming "Professional Development Series: Creating a Culture of Access & Inclusion," led by Dr. Amanda Kraus, nationally renowned leader, researcher and advocate for accessibility and inclusion in higher education. Dr. Kraus currently serves at the University of Arizona as an Assistant Professor of Practice, Educational Policy Studies and Practice; the Assistant Vice President for Campus Life; and the Executive Director for Disability Resources and Housing and Residential Life. For her full biography and curriculum vitae, see her University of Arizona webpage.

Dr. Kraus is coming to the UAA Anchorage campus Sept. 17-18 to lead workshops and assist us in exploring how to ensure our campus fosters the success of all students. The following events are free and open to the UAA community-please RSVP for the sessions you would like to attend.

Monday, September 17

Reframing Disability: Changing What We Think We Know 9-10:30 a.m. | Lew Haines Conference Room (LIB 307) Presenter: Amanda Kraus, University of Arizona

This workshop will address "what we think we know" about disability. By analyzing language, media and design, we will problematize the dominant narrative on disability. We will explore prevalent models used to frame disability as well as emerging thinking that challenges the idea that disability is a personal tragedy or problem, but a phenomenon created by the design of our environments with far reaching political, social and economic implications. We will end with a discussion of Universal Design and practical strategies to create more inclusive and welcoming spaces, processes and experiences for all.

Panel Discussion: From Access to Equity & Inclusion 11 a.m.-noon | Lew Haines Conference Room (LIB 307) Facilitator: Shawnalee Whitney, Director, Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence, UAA


  • Amanda Kraus, University of Arizona
  • Anne Lazenby, Interim Director for Disability Support Services, UAA
  • Kimberly Pace, Professor, Political Science, Women's Studies Program Coordinator, UAA
  • Rachel Plumlee, Associate General Counsel, University of Alaska

Learn more about strategies to ensure that the campus life and environment is an open-access university for all and fosters student success. Discuss with panelists areas of improvement still needed and discuss ways to design a campus that reflects the UAA mission to serve the diverse peoples of this state.

Everyday Ableism: Unpacking Disability Stereotypes & Microaggressions 1-3 p.m. | Lew Haines Conference Room (LIB 307) Presenter: Amanda Kraus, University of Arizona

When we understand disability in a context of social justice and ableism, a cultural experience very much influenced by dynamics of power and privilege, we can begin to unpack the many ways disabled people are targets of bias and microaggressions. This workshop will use relevant research to identify pervasive disability stereotypes and microaggressions and explore about how these ideas shape the disability experience and inform our personal and professional behaviors and attitudes.  In order to affect sustained access and inclusion on college and university campuses, we must recognize the pervasiveness of these ideas and reframe our work and attitudes to align with social justice values.

Student Panel Discussion: Exploring Disability - Perspectives and Narratives 3:30-4:30 p.m. | Lew Haines Conference Room (LIB 307) Facilitator: Amanda Kraus, University of Arizona

UAA student panelists:

  • Roger Brown, Radiology Technology Program
  • Katie Irwin, Journalism & Public Communications
  • Rachel Krahn, International Studies
  • Sandi Scott, Exploratory Major
  • Kelsey Tallant, Psychology

Student panelists will share what their experience has been on the UAA campus. Join the discussion on how we can better reflect our social justice values.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

By Design: Using Universal Design Strategies to Create Inclusive Events & Experiences on Campus 1-3 p.m. | Lew Haines Conference Room (LIB 307) Presenter: Amanda Kraus, University of Arizona

Though we may not appreciate it, we are all designers! Higher Education professionals have the opportunity to plan events and programs, design courses, workshops and agendas, and ultimately create an environment for students and colleagues that is inclusive and welcoming. This workshop will discuss how to employ Universal Design strategies to design spaces and places that truly and intentionally reflect our values around inclusion and equity.

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