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Aaron Dotson to assume role of Interim Vice Provost for Research for AY2020

by Michelle Saport  |   

Dr. Aaron Dotson will assume the role of Interim Vice Provost for Research for AY 2019-2020. Dr. Dotson will oversee all research operations, represent UAA on the Statewide Research Council, and focus on rebuilding Sponsored Programs. Dr. Dotson currently serves as the Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering and the Program Director of the Applied Environmental Research Center (AERC) of the UAA Business Enterprise Institute. Dr. George Kamberov will return to his position as Associate Vice Provost for Research and oversee the areas of Integrity and Compliance and Intellectual Property and Commercialization. Both Drs. Dotson and Kamberov will work identifying new external funding opportunities and assisting researchers to secure extramural funding for their research.

Please thank Dr. Kamberov for his service this past year as Interim Vice Provost and congratulate Dr. Dotson when you see them.

Regards, John R. D. Stalvey, Ph.D. Interim Provost

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