Summer listening from the UAA Campus Bookstore

by Michelle Saport  |   

UAA Campus Bookstore events will resume Friday, July 12. Here are suggested podcasts for your summer listening. Many past events and guest speakers are as interesting today as they were when first recorded.

For podcast collections, visit the bookstore website.

Made of Salmon with Julia O'Malley, William L. Iggiagruk Hensley (Willie Hensley), Don Rearden, Kirsten Dixon, Carol Sturgulewski, and others #49, Alaska Authors and Themes

Christine and Dennis McClure present We Fought the Road with Jean Pollard and Lael Morgan #12, Guest Speakers: About Alaska

Beyond the Bear: How I Learned to Live and Love Again after Being Blinded by a Bear with Dan Bigley and Debra McKinney #31, Memoirs

Erin McKittrick presents Mudflats and Fish Camps with Hig McKittrick #34, Alaska Authors and Themes

Poet Ishmael Hope presents Rock Piles Along the Eddy #32, Alaska Authors and Themes

Eowyn Ivey and Kris Farmen: Alaskan Authors Together for Readings and Discussion #42, Alaska Authors and Themes

Martha Amore presents In the Quiet Season and Other Stories #18, Alaska Authors and Themes

Poet Chaun Ballard presents Flight #9, A Selection of Poetry and Literature

Alaskan Literature for Alaskan Generations with Authors Loretta Outwater Cox, Linda Schandelmeier, Susanna Mishler #5, Alaska Authors and Themes

Vic Fisher presents To Russia With Love, an Alaskan Journey #34, Memoirs

Ilarion Larry Merculieff presents Wisdom Keeper: One Man's Journey to Honor the Untold History of the Unangan #13, Alaska Native Authors and Themes

Writing the Alaska Native Story with William L. Iggiagruk Hensley (Willie Hensley), Jan Harper Haines, Jeane Breinig, Lael Morgan #32, Alaska Native Authors and Themes

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