UAA/APU Books of the Year: Online Student Art Exhibit (March 30-April 10, 2020)

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Please join us for an art show create and curated by Professor Herminia Din’s Senior Seminar art students around the Books of the Year theme, "Building Community Resilience." This year’s art show features eleven students and is titled "Reconnection: Reflection, Deflection and Harmony" — it features work from a variety of mediums such as painting, ceramics and digital art. Due to the coronavirus, we are inviting you to attend our show online through Facebook at "Reconnect: UAA Books of the Year Art Exhibition." The show will be available from March 30–April 10.

The UAA/APU Books of the Year is a unique common reading program — we select a theme and books to provoke discussions about serious issues, rather than providing a “common reading” or an "introduction to college" experience. The books vary from year to year, but the underlying concept remains — to stimulate dialogue between people about topics they care about.

These students' reflections on the theme, transformed through their art, is another way for people to engage with serious topics. Books of the Year is proud to collaborate with Senior Seminar art class to show the ability of art to portray multiple layers of interpretation. The students' work illustrates how artists can be actively engaged in serious discussions of contemporary social issues.

We hope you enjoy these outstanding images, and discuss the underlying messages with your friends.

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