IT Services to discontinue the use of Symantec antivirus

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In an effort to reduce costs, we are discontinuing the use of Symantec antivirus and will be migrating to Microsoft Defender on Windows devices and Jamf Protect on MacOS devices.

For university-owned devices

Starting June 8 and continuing through June 20, we will begin removing Symantec antivirus from UAA-managed computers. Once Symantec is removed, Microsoft Defender will automatically begin protecting your computer. For MacOS devices, Jamf Protect will be installed remotely for you. In either case, a reboot of your machine will likely be required.

If the removal of Symantec fails on your device, we will contact you to coordinate a manual removal.

For personal devices

If you previously took advantage of UA's Symantec licensing for your personal device, you should remove it from your machine and select a new option. Here's a good list of options.

While there are many antivirus options available, note that Microsoft does include Microsoft Defender in Windows since Windows 7. For the past several years, Microsoft Defender has ranked among the top antivirus solutions on the market.

For personal MacOS devices, users will need to find another solution. Please review this list of top-ranked antivirus solutions.

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