Aug. 7: Retirement Drive-By for Pat Moores and Fannie Slaten

by UAA College of Business & Public Policy  |   

CBPP will be hosting a "Retirement Drive-By" Friday, Aug. 7, 4–5 p.m. in front of Rasmuson Hall in the West Campus Central Parking Lot for Pat Moores and Fannie Slaten.

Pat Moores is retiring after more than 45 years of service to UAA and Fannie Slaten retired with over 35 years of service to UAA. While we will miss them tremendously and all the talents they brought to CBPP, we are also happy for them and want to wish them well with a celebratory send-off. We are cognizant of COVID-19 concerns, but still want to provide everyone the opportunity to wish them well.

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