COVID-19 research at UAA: Part 1

by UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research  |   

Join us this Thursday, Jan. 28, from noon to 1 p.m. for the first virtual brown bag session in a two-part series on COVID-19 research done by UAA faculty.

During this session, UAA faculty will discuss ongoing projects assessing COVID-19 related risk and mitigation behaviors in Anchorage and rural Alaska. Learn what researchers have found on how COVID-19 has impacted mask wearing in Anchorage, fishing decisions in Bristol Bay and how rural Alaskans describe their experience with the pandemic.

Faculty participants:

  • Dr. Katie Cueva
  • Dr. Joy Mapaye
  • Dr. Gabriel Garcia
  • Dr. Ruby Fried
  • Dr. Micah Hahn
  • Dr. Kevin Berry
  • Dr. Lance Howe
  • Dr. Hannah Hennighausen

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