AI Webinar series addresses health care on March 17

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UAA’s College of Business and Public Policy continues its AI webinar series on March 17 from noon to 1 p.m. with “Artificial Intelligence and healthcare: Improving patient experience and outcomes.”

Featured speakers include B.J. Moore, executive vice president and chief information officer at Providence, and Prem Padhye, director of commercial strategy at Medtronic.

Moore will discuss Truveta, a new company founded by several health care providers, including Providence. Truveta is building a statistically significant data platform for studying U.S. health. Learning from this platform will help researchers find cures faster, empower every clinician to be an expert and help families make the most informed decisions about their care.

Padhye will present “Enabling Technologies in Spine Surgery: X-Rays to AI.” He will describe the evolution and usage of “enabling technologies,” such as diagnostic imaging, navigation, robotics and now augmented decision making through Machine Learning. He will focus on the vision around AI and its promises, with potential near-term impacts to reduction in health care costs, improvement on patient outcomes and augmenting of physician capabilities.

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