Books of the Year Student Art Show

by UAA/APU Books of the Year  |   

The UAA/APU Books of the Year (BOY) program is proud to collaborate with Senior Seminar art students on this exhibit entitled “Eyes to See, Ears to Listen: Rise Resilience.” The BOY program brings faculty, staff, and community members together to understand common themes, serves as the catalyst for discussions of larger issues, and provides creative venues for people to express their interpretations of those issues in different ways. The theme for 2020 is “Building Community Resilience,” and this exhibit addresses the all-important issue of resilience in our world. The students’ work illustrates how learners can be actively engaged in discussion of contemporary social issues through artistic expression. We hope you enjoy this virtual collection of outstanding images, and discuss the underlying messages with your friends. 

  Eyes To See, Ears To Listen: RISE RESILIENCE

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