ISER Webinar - Census Bureau Data: Balancing Privacy and Accuracy

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Census Bureau data has an impact on research, funding and individual privacy.

Alaska has joined several other states to sue the Census Bureau about reporting data from the 2020 US Census. Census data are used to draw legislative districts, allocate billions of federal funds to communities each year, and measure prevalence rates for health conditions, criminal victimization, and many other population-based measures. The agency has delayed reporting the detailed results from the 2020 Census while it finalizes a new strategy for protecting privacy of respondents.

Join ISER’s Dr. Matthew Berman on Monday, May 17, from noon-1 p.m. for a discussion of the issues involved in balancing data privacy and accuracy. Dr. Berman will provide a brief overview of the Census Bureau’s approach, why they chose it, and how it could affect Alaska and other states. He will also describe why the litigation cannot resolve the problem in the long run, and potential pathways for permanent solutions nationally and locally.

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