Evacuation drills scheduled Sept. 13-17

by UAA Office of Emergency Management  |   

The Office of Emergency Management is teaming up with the UPD Auxiliary Emergency Team and Facilities employees to conduct evacuation drills of all academic buildings. Policy requires that when alarms are activated, all occupants must quickly leave the building using the NEAREST exit, and should meet their office or class group at the Emergency Assembly Area. Please notify officials if you know of someone who cannot or will not evacuate. Those in wheelchairs should go to the stairwell landing of the floor they are on, and designate someone to notify officials that they are there. Drills will take place during the week of Sept. 13-17.

Drill staff will quickly sweep the offices, labs and classrooms to ensure that all alarm hardware is working. Occupants can return to the building when alarm bells or horns are silenced.

UAA conducts these exercises to help keep our students and staff safe, and to comply with federal regulations requiring tests of our emergency plans. All evacuation alarms should be taken seriously even if smoke or flames are not seen, as they may be activated for chemical spills, bomb threats or other emergency. Similar drills in the residence complex will take place separately in October. For questions, or if you have a major event during that week that would be adversely impacted, contact the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) at emergencymanager@alaska.edu.

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