Senator Ted Stevens Legislative Internship Program accepting applications

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The Department of Political Science is accepting applications for the Senator Ted Stevens Legislative Internship. Accepted interns will work for a legislator in Juneau, Alaska, from January through May, 2022.

Applications are due Nov. 1 at 11:59 p.m. and accepted online. Confidential letters of recommendation must be sent directly to the program coordinator, Dr. Nabors, at

Usually, we strongly encourage students from all major programs to apply. This year we are notifying you of the availability of the program and neither encourage nor discourage you to apply.

On the one hand, the program is among the best of all special opportunities made available to students at UAA, and is one of the best legislative internships in the country. No matter what your future career plans are, this experience will serve you well, and often leads to an excellent first career position after graduation.

On the other hand, we are concerned about the risks of COVID-19 infection in the legislature. Last year we did not promote the program to UAA students for that reason. This year we remain concerned but believe that we ought to give you the opportunity to make that choice for yourselves.

We work with the faculty at the University of Alaska Southeast who administer the internship program and are most familiar with your prospective day-to-day work and health conditions there. To reach them directly and inquire about Covid-19, go to the web link below from where you may jump to their web page and contact them. You may wish to examine and inquire about the article "Alaska Capitol’s new COVID-19 policy requires testing but isn’t enforced," published Oct. 6, 2021 by the Anchorage Daily News.

Students receive 12 credits, and in most years, receive a stipend, provided with the generous support of the Ted Stevens Foundation.

Students from all majors are eligible. The main requirement is a minimum of three political science credits in the last five years. If your major is political science, I will work with you to count your credits towards your required courses.

In most years, not all available slots in program are filled, and the acceptance rate is high.

Learn more and apply.

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