Don’t forget your free spikies!

by UAA/APU Consortium Library  |   

Now that the parking lots and sidewalks are icy, don’t forget that Free Spikies (winter foot traction devices) are available to UAA employees again this year at the Main Circulation Desk at the Consortium Library.

What are they and what do they do: Spikies are slip-on foot traction devices for use on icy surfaces and have more than proven their value in past years at UAA. Many winter slip, trips and fall (STF) injuries have been prevented and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs have been avoided due to Spiky use. These injuries might have been severe, caused extreme pain and discomfort to valuable employees, and may have cost many lost workdays. Fortunately, we will never know.

Who qualifies: Free Spikies are for all UAA employees (faculty or staff-regular, temporary, part-time and student employees). Students are not eligible for this program.

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