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UAA’s Center for Human Development releases results of COVID-19 accessibility survey

Signs outside UAA's Alaska Airlines Center pointing toward COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

New survey results shed light on COVID-19 vaccine potential barriers, motivators and trusted sources of information for individuals with disabilities. The results will be used to inform vaccine distribution and education efforts in Alaska.

Celebrating Elizabeth Kaaxal.gat Peratrovich

As a university, we continue to honor Elizabeth Kaaxal.gat Peratrovich and her courageous work in our efforts to be welcoming and inclusive of the diverse groups represented within our campus community.

Students’ water samples in Valdez inform regional studies

Prince William Sound College oceanography students and instructor Amanda Glazier at the Valdez docks.

During a place-based learning lab in January for an Introduction to Oceanography course at Prince William Sound College, students sampled water at the Valdez docks to analyze the water's chemistry, such as pH and salinity. Samples will be shared with the Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute to be used in their Chugach Regional Ocean Monitoring project.

Honors program rebuilt for flexibility and immersion

Honors College graduate Nyabony Gat, B.S. Health Sciences ’19, during UAA's 2019 Spring Commencement at the Alaska Airlines Center. (Photo by James Evans / University of Alaska Anchorage)

UAA debuted its reimagined and refocused honors program in spring 2022, allowing students to use already-earned credits to continue into the revamped program that emphasizes co-curricular and extracurricular activities to promote immersive, experiential learning.

Ice research may add up to big savings for a growing industry

Civil engineering graduate student Jasmine Langmann runs an 8-inch block of accreted ice drilled from the Port of Anchorage through a compression test in the Ted and Gloria Trueblood Cold Regions Engineering Laboratory in UAA's Engineering and Industry Building. (Photo by James Evans / University of Alaska Anchorage)

Anticipating an increase of northern sea route usage due to climate change, engineering professor Scott Hamel began researching the relationship between accreted ice beneath seaport piles and the ice floes that surround them.

Feb. 17: Inclusive Access Lunch and Learn

Our partners in the UAA online bookstore (Akademos) are offering a virtual Q&A opportunity to learn more about the Inclusive Access program and its cost-savings solution for students.

Announcing changes to Adobe software on the keyserver (end of life - May 9, 2022)

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and Adobe CS6 will be discontinued at UA on May 9, 2022. While access to PDF authoring and Creative Suite tools is essential, the inherent issues have made continued use of these older versions no longer possible.

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day Native Values Discussion

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day flyer

On Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 2-3 p.m. on Zoom, join UAA Native Student Services in celebrating the life and achievements of Elizabeth Peratrovich, member of the Tlingit nation and civil rights activist as we discuss together the Tlingit value of 'Be strong in mind, body, spirit.' Register here or through the NSS website at uaa.alaska.edu/nss where you can see our spring semester events.

Anchorage campus closed Feb. 16, 2022 due to weather conditions

Due to continued weather conditions, UAA's Anchorage campus will remain closed for today, Feb. 16.

BUILD EXITO: Sponsor Training for Research Mentors

The National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) provides training and support for research mentors and mentees across the researcher lifespan. In association with the NIH-sponsored BUILD initiative, NRMN has developed a curriculum specifically for mentoring undergraduate research students.

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