24-Hour Livestream for Charity

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UAA Club Council, in partnership with the UAA Esports Lounge, is proud to announce the 24hr Livestream for Charity this Friday, March 25 from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. on Saturday, March 26 supporting Children's Lunchbox through Bean’s Cafe.

Made up of one representative from each registered student club at UAA, Club Council has a long-standing commitment to serving Anchorage’s children and families through fundraisers and events that unite the UAA student organization community.

The next chapter in their legacy of service, Club Council presents eleven student clubs which have joined forces in a charity livestream marathon.

About the Livestream
Thanks to the UAA Esports Lounge, student organizations will host one-to-two hour events online for a total of 24 hours. Viewers can tune in and engage with participating student organizations:

6:00 AM DESTROY A CHAIR with Allie H.
8:00 AM CRAFT A STORY with the International Student Org (ISO)
9:00 AM PLAY OPERATION LIKE A PRO with the Health Professions Student Organization (HPSO)
10:00 AM PLAY JACKBOX WITH JACKBOX and the Psychology Club
11:00 AM CHAT TCL & UAA with Kim, Diana and Bruce
12:00 PM PLAY SWITCH with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)
2:00 PM PLAY XBOX with the Feminist Intersectional Rights Movement (FIRM)
4:00 PM PODCAST LIVE with Anchorage Chi Alpha
5:00 PM PLAY SMASHBROS with the Seawolf Cadet Club
6:00 PM PODCAST LIVE with the Philosophy Club
8:00 PM PLAY JACKBOX with the Anime Club at UAA
10:00 PM HACK KING OF THE HILL with the Cyber Security Club
11:00 PM PLAY SWITCH with the Economics Club
12:00 AM SCARE AND PLAY with the UAA Esports Team
2:00 AM PLAY JACKBOX with The Northern Light
3:00 AM PLAY with Zac C. and Liam F. TILL THE SUN COMES UP

 Plus special guests, surprise giveaways, and more!

About Children’s Lunchbox
Every donation directly benefits the Children’s Lunchbox through Bean’s Cafe, an organization committed to feeding Anchorage’s families. Since $10 can provide 1 meal to a family of 4, Club Council wants to raise $2,500 to feed 250 Anchorage families.

Where to Watch
The 24hr Livestream is everything we love about hybrid student engagement. Tune in online or visit the UAA Esports Lounge in the Student Union to see the livestream production in action.

Tune In + Contribute Online
Tune into the Livestream on Twitch to donate to Children’s Lunchbox and show support for your favorite UAA student clubs. The two clubs with the most donations to Children’s Lunchbox will win $500 dollars!

Watch at the UAA Esports Lounge
Drop by the UAA Esports Lounge upstairs in the Student Union for a behind-the-scenes look at the 24hr Livestream for charity. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Red Bull, pick up a free can of Red Bull (while supplies last), while you watch.

Questions about the 24hr Livestream for Charity? Send a note to uaa.clubcouncil@alaska.edu.

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