UAA Faculty and Staff Association Membership

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Dear Colleague,

COVID may have altered the way we work but we are still working on behalf of UAA.

Your membership in the UAA Faculty and Staff Association is needed for our advocacy efforts for the upcoming elections!

Established in 1971, the UAA Faculty and Staff Association (FSA) is a voluntary organization operating outside the formal structure of the University as a registered political action committee (PAC). Our primary purpose is to engage in political advocacy supporting the growth and development of UAA. We work towards this goal through communications campaigns, informational materials, and meetings between the FSA executive committee and state legislators, candidates for local and state offices, UA Regents, as well as UA and UAA administrators.

Current Efforts
Our top priority is the university’s operating budget including increased funding for building repair, renovation, and maintenance. We seek adequate, predictable funding for higher education and for student scholarships.

With the support from our membership,

  • We meet with legislators, candidates, members of the Board of Regents, and university officials to make the case for improved facilities and better funding for UAA.
  • We assess the performance of the Anchorage area legislators, posting their track records on the Association’s website (Advocate Tab).
  • We make campaign contributions to candidates who support UAA.
  • We track legislation of interest to the university.
  • We organize advocacy campaigns on behalf of UAA.

We can be more effective than ever with more members supporting our efforts.

  • To stabilize the Higher Education Investment funding for scholarships/grants.
  • To secure ongoing funding for WWAMI.
  • To increase the budget for UA.
  • To obtain funding for building repair and remodeling.
  • To advocate for the reauthorization of vocational/technical funding.
  • To support efforts to solve the University’s land grant deficit.

Please join us as we work for the advancement of UAA by sending in your membership now. We cannot do it without your backing! It is your membership dues that keep the Association active.

If you have questions or comments, or wish to learn more, please contact us at: or check out our website at:

You can pay via credit card at the UAA Faculty and Staff Association website.

Thank you from the UAA Faculty and Staff Association Executive Committee:

  • Joan Haig, Mathematics (Co-Chair)
  • Stephen Rollins, Library (Co-Chair)
  • Armin Abdihodzic, Music (Treasurer)
  • Ryan Buchholdt, Budget Office
  • Mark Fitch, Mathematics
  • Craig Mead, Admissions
  • Jackie Pflaum , Nursing (RET)
  • Kim Stanford, GSS
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