Logan Wieland Thesis Defense, MS Candidate in Applied Geological Sciences

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Examining the development and formation of pingos (perennial mounds of massive ice and permafrost soils) can help reveal the response of periglacial landscapes to past and future hydroclimate variability. As such, this study uses subsurface imaging (via pseudo-three-/two-dimensional frequency-domain electromagnetic conductivity surveying) and surface sample based hydroclimate data (stable water isotopes, dendrochronology, radiocarbon dating, and carbon accumulation models) to investigate the response of pingos and their watershed in the Hulahula Valley to hydroclimate changes during the late Holocene. Yet as the future Arctic is projected to be warmer and wetter than the present, we anticipate continued pingo ice and permafrost decay with a reciprocal increase in organic matter accumulation and shifting biosphere composition throughout the Hulahula River Valley.

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Event date - 04/14/2023
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