HS 690: the challenge of health misinformation in the 21st century

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HS 690 is a graduate elective course tackling the challenge of health misinformation in the 21st century.

Media literacy is foundational for all professionals, especially those working in health science sectors. We rely daily on quality information, peer-reviewed science-based evidence, and our own training and expertise to inform our specialty practice areas. While discerning scholarly peer-reviewed research is a common thread throughout higher education curricula this course will prepare students to identify mediocre, suspect and predatory journals along with more subtle distortions such as bias and agenda driven speculation in both popular media and science literature. Additionally, students will develop a skillset to enable participation in health and science advocacy along with successful digital engagement strategies for use in professional settings. Students will be introduced to terminology and processes common in communications, mass media and journalism, including public information strategies, strategic marketing, digital literacy.

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