Children's Mental Health Course Offerings

Visit to add classes if you are already enrolled in the program. 

Required Courses: 

  • SWK/PSY A691 (Children's Mental Health Systems of Care)
  • PSY A638 (Child Clinical Psychology) or SWK/PSY A620 (Advanced Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health)

Family Systems and Family-Centered Practices (choose one)

  • SWK A633 (Advanced Generalist Practice with Families and Groups)
  • PSY A626 (Family Therapy)
  • EDSE A674 (Family Partnerships in Early Childhood)

Specialty Content Area for Children's Behavioral Health (choose one)

  • SWK A685 (Social Work Services in Schools)
  • EDSE A624 Social-Emotional Development, Assessment & Intervention
  • PSY A638 (Child Clinical) or PSY A620 (I/ECMH)
  • PSY A400/600 (Strategies of Behavior Change)
  • EDSE A610 (Clinical Assessment with Children and Adolescents)
  • SWK A410 - Trauma in Childhood
  • EDSE A682 - Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities
  • EDSE S605 - Early Childhood Special Education

All courses are offered via distance delivery.

Other courses may be counted for Family Systems and Family-Centered Practices, and Specialty Content, please speak with the CMH Graduate Coordinator.