Undergraduate Degree Programs in Psychology

The mission of the Undergraduate Program in Psychology is to offer mentorship and high quality training in the science of behavior and mental processes to enrich the lives of our students, citizens of Alaska, and the field of Psychology. In service of this mission, the faculty provides effective instruction, academic and career advising, research training, professional skill development, service opportunities, and preparation for graduate school and employment in the fields of behavioral health and social services. The Psychology Department offers both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS), Minors in Psychology and Children’s Mental Health, and an optional Concentration in Behavior Analysis.

Students who graduate from UAA with a BA or BS in Psychology should:

  • Possess a broad knowledge of contemporary Psychology.
  • Have experience conducting psychological research.
  • Be able to demonstrate skills in research design and data analysis.
  • Be prepared for advanced study in Psychology and related disciplines.