Student Research Support

The UAA Psychology Department awards an annual student research grant in honor of Professor Emeritus Rosellen Rosich. This grant will provide up to $500 to cover the costs of a student research project. Undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline are eligible for this grant; preference will be given to projects related to gerontology or geriatrics. To apply, please provide an abstract, brief (1-2 page) introduction, brief (1-2 page) method section, a 1 page anticipated results section, a project budget, and a student résumé. Please see the "Proposal Guidelines" below for more detailed information about the proposal. 

Please contact Dr. Gwen Lupfer, Undergraduate Studies Coordinator, at

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Proposal Guidelines

  1. Abstract and Specific Aims (approx. 1 paragraph) - A one paragraph summary of the project proposal, and one paragraph summary of the project goals.
  2. Introduction (1-2 pages) - A review of the literature that supports the need for your research.
  3. Experimental/Project Design (1-2 pages) - Proposals should include a detailed description of how the research project will be completed including (a) a sampling protocol and/or design plan; (b) the methods and/or procedures to be used; (c) the date reduction and statistical analysis to be conducted. Projects with more than one student investigator should provide a breakdown and description of duties and indicate which student is responsible for each part.
  4. Anticipated Results (1 page) - Provide the reviews with the list of results expected. Proposals should include an interpretation and explanation of results as related to hypothesis tested. Also, you may want to discuss or suggest further work that may help address the problem you are trying to solve.
  5. Project References (1-2 pages) - Use the standard convention of discipline including the author, title of article, journal title, volume, pages, and date.
  6. Project Budget (allow one page for the budget and one page for budget justification) - Include the cost of supplies, equipment and travel, and a brief justification for each item.
  7. Résumé - If the project has more than one student investigator, please include a résumé for each applicant.